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I Just Got Into a Car Accident. What Should I Do Next?

One of the most common questions that arise following a motor vehicle collision is what to do right after an accident occurs. While it is easy to become confused and forget to acquire necessary information after an accident, Car Accident Hotline encourages you to keep a checklist of phone numbers in your vehicle to call in case of an emergency,...
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What is Personal Injury? Let our attorneys Explain.

What is Personal Injury? The sad reality is that one of the core causes of deaths in Los Angeles, California is car accidents. Though individuals are often cautioned against dangerous and reckless driving, car accidents are often rampant. As a result, such accidents result to siginifcant personal injuries that affect different individuals. Those personal injuries are often...
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List of Recommended Steps for Bicycle Safety

Unfortunately, every year, hundreds of bicyclists either injured or killed in an accident with a vehicle. In Los Angeles, San Francisco and other populated areas like San Diego, Oakland, Riverside, Whittier, and other cities in California, the number of accidents involving bicyclists is exceptionally high. Below, we created a list of tips for bicycle safety with the...
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The Link Between Marijuana and Car Accidents

States are moving more and more toward legalizing marijuana. As such, one should consider whether the legalization of marijuana will lead to more car accidents. Many believe that unlike alcohol, it is safe to drive while under the influence of marijuana. However, second to alcohol, marijuana is the drug most often found in the blood of drivers involved in...
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