Car Accidents

Car Accidents

As our name goes to show, Car Accident Hotline specializes in personal injury claims resulting from auto accidents. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims obtain effective and reliable legal assistance to resolve their claims against the negligent driver’s insurance company.

California is a large state that often requires the use of an automobile to maneuver from place to place. As a result, there is a huge amount of cars on the road, which translates to a significant number of car accidents. These car accidents often lead to serious injuries that entitle victims to recover damages for their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, those who do not retain a licensed attorney frequently recover less than they deserve. This is why Car Accident Hotline highly recommends that you retain one of our aggressive attorneys ready to fight for you.

If you were involved in an accident, contact Car Accident Hotline immediately. We are always prepared and well-equipped to handle your case from its inception to its resolution. We will examine the evidence and we may also visit the accident site to gather as much information and ensure that your recovery is maximized. Then, we will assess the damages you have suffered, including the medical treatment, lost wages, the cost to repair or replace your vehicle, as well as your pain and suffering. We will talk to the other driver’s insurance company in an effort to negotiate a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf, and aggressively litigate your case until we recover money for your injuries.

What is the best part about our services? You are not charged a penny for our services until you get compensated for your injuries! Why wait? Contact us now!

Here are some common questions about car accidents:

I was involved in an accident. What should I do next?

A quick checklist of things to do after an accident:

  • Write down as much information as possible about the accident.
  • Scan your vicinity. If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their contact information.
  • Gather and preserve evidence. This includes any photos and videos at the scene of the accident, the torn and bloody clothing you were wearing if any, and a medical journal detailing your physical injuries and pain.
  • Call the police. The officer who arrives will make a report documenting the accident details, which can be critical for future use in handling your claim.
  • Get immediate medical treatment. This is important for your well-being and as documentation of the physical trauma you have suffered.
  • Contact Car Accident Hotline immediately to begin your claim.

I was injured in a hit-and-run. What should I do?

Call the police immediately. The police will arrive at the scene, investigate the accident, and create a report. Provide the officer as much information as possible about the vehicle that hit you, including its make, model, color, and license plate. You should then contact Car Accident Hotline and speak to one of our attorneys who will conduct a thorough investigation of the scene of the accident, and determine if there are any clues that can lead to the hit-and-run driver.

I was involved in a pretty bad car accident, but I do not think I suffered any major injuries. What should I do?

It is common for severe injuries to first manifest hours, or even days, after an accident. Inflammation/swelling can create a lot of pain and cause the victim to seek bed rest. You need to get checked out by a medical doctor.

An experienced attorney will help protect your legal rights, such as negotiating with the insurance company and possibly filing a timely lawsuit.

What should I do if someone from the other driver's insurance company calls me before I retained a lawyer?

Try to limit your conversation with the representative for the insurance company, and only discuss the events that led to the accident. If you feel pain, let the insurance representative know your symptoms. Do not agree to make a recorded statement to the insurance company or agree to sign any forms that they provide. Rather, politely decline and then contact Car Accident Hotline immediately.

The other driver that hit me does not have insurance. Am I out of luck?

Not necessarily. An attorney at Car Accident Hotline can examine your own policy to see if you are covered for the damage to your car and entitled to receive compensation for any personal injuries suffered. Contact Car Accident Hotline now to learn more.

I was hit by another car, but I do not have auto insurance. Am I out of luck?

No. The offending driver’s insurance company will still have to compensate you for any property damage and any personal injuries. Contact Car Accident Hotline now to learn more.

I was hurt in an accident, but I do not have health insurance. Can I still be treated for my injuries?

Generally, yes. There are doctors who may be willing to perform medical treatment without money upfront. To learn more, contact Car Accident Hotline now! We make it our goal to get you back to your healthy self as soon as possible.

What damages are recoverable in an accident?

In seeking a claim for injuries, our objective is to place the entire financial burden on the at-fault party. Most injured parties can be compensated for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Cost of rehabilitation
  • Resulting disability
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Additional damages may be available depending on the unique circumstances of each case. In some instances, loss of enjoyment life or loss of consortium may apply and entitle the victim to further compensation.

Car Accident Hotline is Here to Help!

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