Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare Accidents

If you have been hurt as a passenger in a ridesharing app such as Uber or Lyft, KatzLaw can help you recover damages for your injuries. While ridesharing apps and their drivers have helped transport millions of people from one place to another, these drivers are often negligent and careless when transporting passengers. Uber and Lyft drivers are often seen speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, making unsafe turns, and driving erratically to get to their next destination. After all, these ridesharing drivers benefit from getting their passengers to the destination quicker so they can pick up the next passenger in line. Unfortunately, this carries a significant risk of an accident.

California law now requires that all Uber and Lyft drivers carry an insurance policy with a $1 million in coverage for death, personal injury, or property damage.   Fortunately, the law also requires Uber and Lyft to provide uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for their drivers and passengers. In other words, if you were involved in a car accident while riding as an Uber or Lyft passenger, and the driver did not have insurance or ran from the scene, you may still be able to recover from Uber or Lyft for damages suffered. These potential damages include medical costs, lost wages, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering.

An experienced attorney at KatzLaw can help you obtain damages for your injuries. We will do all the legwork such as gathering evidence, examining the scene of the accident, obtaining surveillance footage, and much more. Insurance companies will likely fight hard on behalf of Uber and Lyft drivers to limit the amount you can recover. However, retaining one of our competent attorneys who is well aware of the law and the Uber/Lyft insurance framework, is pivotal to your recovery.

KatzLaw is tired of seeing insurance companies and powerful corporations take advantage of their victims. Fighting a corporation such as Uber or Lyft can be complicated, which is why we encourage you to retain our services. In addition to our experience, you will also benefit from our “no fees, unless we win,” policy.

Below we will answer some of your common questions:

What to do if your were hurt in an accident while a passenger?

 We advise that you take as many pictures as you can, along with as much information as possible from the driver of the vehicle that hit your rideshare car, and the information for your driver. We also recommend that you take down notes about the driver of the rideshare car. Most importantly, we advise that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Should I leave the scene if I was not hurt in the accident?

If you are lucky enough to walk out of the accident without being hurt, we recommend that you remain with your driver and make sure that he/she takes proper measures following an accident. We also recommend that you report the incident to Uber or Lyft and gather any information that you think is appropriate. While you may not feel any pain immediately after the accident, pain can develop in the future; as such, it is important that you take as much information down as possible. We recommend that you take pictures of the accident and notes about the drivers involved before leaving the scene.

Will the rideshare company compensate me?

Even if you are not injured in the accident, there is a good chance you will still get your ride refunded or receive credit for future rides. On the other end, if you were injured as a passenger, there is a good chance that you will receive compensation for your injuries. Uber and Lyft both boast a large insurance policy plan. While you will likely be entitled to compensation for your injuries, every case is different, so it is possible that they may try to avoid paying you compensation. That is why it is always smart to work with an injury lawyer who understands how to fight against these rideshare companies or their insurance policies.

What if I am the Uber/Lyft driver and another entity hits me?

If another driver was at fault in the accident, you may have a claim for injuries against the other driver. If you were in the process of driving a passenger at the time of the accident, you may also be covered by Uber/Lyft’s insurance policy plan. Consult with an attorney now to weigh your options.

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